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Companies That Buy Recycled Plastic

Article provided by: Vikoz Enterprises Inc.

Companies That Buy Recycled Plastic

Not all companies that buy recycled plastic are alike! Vikoz is different. What makes them stand out is their unique ability to do business with any company within the US or Canada. Vikoz has the equipment and the capability to pick up plastic scrap, process it, and even re-deliver it in a usable form, no matter how rural the location of your facility.
This is a game-changer for plastics manufacturers who have had to deal with the fact that their warehouse was not located near a recycling facility. You may have been thinking about setting up your own in-house recycling service, but there’s really no need to. Vikoz can handle every aspect of your recycling- and save you a lot of money in the process. 
Companies that buy recycled plastic that has already been processed will find that the convenience is worth far more than the ability to be able to recycle scrap on their own. Recycling equipment is extremely costly, and can take years for a company to pay off. It’s better to leave this service to a recycling agency that is set up for it.
Vikoz uses state-of-the-art equipment for the recycling and processing of plastic scrap. They provide toll grinding services all across the US and Canada to companies that produce plastic scrap as a by-product of their manufacture process. They’ll set your company up with receptacles for the collection of your plastic scrap, will pick it up, process it into a form that your company can use, and re-deliver it to your facility again. This effortless process will allow you to focus your attentions on other things that matter to your business.
More and more large plastics manufacturing companies are discovering the benefits of doing business with Vikoz. These companies that buy recycled plastic are finding out they can save a substantial amount of money through the services Vikoz is able to offer them. 
Even if you’re not among the companies that buy recycled plastic, you may still be interested in selling your plastic scrap to Vikoz. You can request a quote to buy your plastic scrap when you email lorinhanks@vikoz.com. Be sure to include the material description, estimated weight in total lbs, location of your facility, contact information and pictures of the material. Someone will get back with you right away with information about buying your plastic scrap.
Vikoz will make recycling an effortless process for your employees by delivering receptacles to place your plastic scrap in, and by picking up directly from your facility. You’ll even get paid for your plastic scrap, so that you can turn your throw away plastic into a profit. This beats paying someone to haul off your plastic scrap, hands down.
Join the revolution- more and more companies that buy plastic scrap are doing business with Vikoz than ever before. You can too- simply call 801-673-3719 and ask to speak with a recycling specialist. 

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Companies That Buy Recycled Plastic Companies That Buy Recycled Plastic
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